Heike Bischoff-Ferrari*, MD, PhD, INSPIRE project leader on Geroscience, Toulouse University Hospital, Toulouse (France) & Professor of Geriatrics and Age Research, Head of Internal Medicine – Oncology, University Hospital Zurich, Zurich (Switzerland) ​​​​​​​

Luigi Ferrucci, MD, PhD, Scientific Director, National Institute on Aging (NIA), Bethesda, MD (United States) 

Roger Fielding, Ph.D, Team Lead and Senior Scientist Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, and Sarcopenia Team, Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University & Professor of Nutrition and Medicine Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University School of Medicine & Associate Director, Boston Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center, Boston, MA (United States) 

David Furman, PhD, Director, Stanford 1000 Immunomes Project, Stanford School of Medicine & Associate Professor and Director, Buck Institute Artificial Intelligence Platform, Stanford, CA (United States) 

William J Evans, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Human Nutrition, Department of Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology, University of California, Berkeley, CA (United States) & Adjunct Professor of Medicine Duke University Medical Center, Division of Geriatrics Durham, NC (United States) 

​​​​​​​Stephen Kritchevsky, PhD Professor, Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC (United States)

Nathan Lebrasseur* PhD, Co-Chair, Research Committee, Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Director, Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN (United States) 

​​​​​​​James L. Kirkland, MD, PhD, Consultant, Division of General Internal Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN (United States)

Joan Mannick, MD, Co-Founder and CEO, Tornado Therapeutics, Weston, MA (United States) ​​​​​​​

John Newman, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, The Buck Institute for Research on Aging & Associate Adjunct Professor, Division of Geriatrics, UCSF & Staff Geriatrician, San Francisco VA HCS & Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Southern California, Novato, CA (United States) 

​​​​​​​Yves Rolland, MD, PhD, Toulouse University Hospital, Toulouse (France)

Bruno Vellas*,MD, PhD, Head of the Gerontopole, Toulouse University Hospital, Toulouse (France) ​​​​​​​


*Member of the Organizing Committee

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